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Returns Policy

  1. Certification:
    1. Rugby® Laboratories (Rugby®) does not accept overstock or outdated merchandise from wholesalers for credit, either direct, from third party processors, or non-direct purchasing retailers. Returns will only be accepted as full cases.
    2. No further deduction for outdated, overstocked, or third party product is allowed (except where required by law).

  2. Order Discrepancies:
    1. To be eligible for a return, products must satisfy the following conditions:
      1. The specific drug product(s) were purchased directly from Rugby®
      2. Drug product(s) have been stored properly at a temperature indicated on the product label and in the original packaging
      3. Drug product(s) have never been opened and drug product(s) have never been repackaged, in compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act
      4. Returns due to order fulfillment, courier damages, or computer errors must be reported to Rugby® within 10 days of receipt and are returnable for full value at Rugby®’s freight expense.
      5. Returns for Rugby® errors, recalls or defective product will be credited with no restocking fee.
      6. Damages due to shipping carrier:
        1. If a shipment is damaged or has a shortage, losses, or pilferage in transit, please notify your Customer Service Representative within ten (10) business days.
        2. All instances must be noted on the Bill of Lading at the time of receipt, and the Bill of Lading must be signed.
        3. All damage claims must also be accompanied by pictures of both the merchandise and the original packaging.
        4. Please note: If the Bill of Lading is not properly noted and signed at the time of receipt, we may not be able to correct the problem.

  3. Recalls:
    1. Recalled merchandise will be accepted for return and credit if returned within three months of the notification date. No exceptions will be made after the three month timeframe.
    2. Credit issued is based on the current selling price or original invoice price, whichever is lower, adjusted for terms discounts, rebates, free goods, etc. (if applicable).
  4. Special Promotions:
    1. For new product launches, products sold with short dating, or other special promotions when approved prior to receipt of a purchase order, returns for credit will be allowed with proper authorization.
    2. Rugby® reserves the right to apply a 25% restocking fee for returns.
  5. Return Credit Eligibility:
    1. Returns are only accepted from the original purchaser and in full cases.
    2. No credit will be given for:
      1. Opened or partial bottles, unless it is a recalled item
      2. Repackaged products or products not in their original sealed container
      3. Packages that arrive at a Rugby® distribution center without a return authorization form
      4. Product returned that does not appear on the itemized return authorization form but appears in the return box. Such items will not be returned and will be destroyed
      5. Product defaced with stickers, price marks, knife cuts, etc.
      6. Free goods
      7. Returned merchandise damaged in transit by the customer’s courier
      8. HAZMAT items: all sales of HAZMAT items are considered final and non-returnable
      9. Refrigerated items, repacks, or product damaged due to improper storage and handling, fire, flood, heat, cold, water, smoke, catastrophe or bankruptcy sale, or purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of any Federal, State or local law or regulation
      10. Close-out, short-dated, clearance, unsealed vials, special orders, drop shipments, special promotions, pre-booked, purchased for export, and merchandise expressly designated as non-returnable at the time of sale
      11. Freight unless the return is the result of our error

  6. Process for Requesting a Return
    1. Contact Rugby®’s Customer Service Department at 800-616-2471 to obtain a Return Authorization Form for any items you wish to return for credit. To ensure proper processing, you must supply all purchase order numbers, NDC numbers, lot numbers and expiration date information.
    2. If the return was caused by an error generated by Rugby® a product defect, or damage, a return tag with prepaid shipping will be provided. Please note that prepaid tags are not eligible for Saturday pick-up.
    3. Returns not due to Rugby®’s error may be shipped to Rugby® by your courier of choice. Your carrier of choice must be able to bill you directly for the shipping expense.
    4. DEA Schedule II returns will only be authorized for return within two business days of customer receipt and only when due to an error caused by Rugby®. No overstock returns will be authorized by Rugby® for DEA Schedule II products beyond two business days for any reason.
      1. Returns for Schedule II narcotics require a special authorization. Credit will not be issued for any unauthorized return of a controlled substance.
**The terms of any customer supply agreement or written contract that are different from the terms of this Returns Policy shall govern over the terms outlined above.**