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When picking a partner for your OTC, Vitamin, and Nutritional Supplement needs, it’s critical that this partner provides support for your specific packaging needs. Rugby® Laboratories’ years of experience in the industry and deep supplier relationships have positioned us to be the provider of choice.

When launching a new product or providing the high-quality alternative to the national brand, consumers look for parity between the national brand and your store brand. With that in mind, Rugby® is committed to providing our products in the same package sizes as the national brands.

In certain instances and to support your business needs, it may make sense to offer a different pack size. Rugby®’s depth of relationships with suppliers and packagers allows us to build out these different sizes based on your business needs.

Our flexibility to support your needs even extends to private labeling. If you’re having difficulty finding someone to private label your product or would like to explore alternatives to your current supplier, Rugby® is here to help. Our experience allows us to understand all of the necessary steps to successfully private label products and support your business needs.