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Solutions for Pharmacists

With over 40 years of experience supporting retail, chain, and institutional customers, Rugby® Laboratories has the skills, products, and support necessary to help drive success for your business. Not only do we provide a comprehensive portfolio of products, but we work to ensure that they’re the products that your consumers and patients are after, they’re competitively priced, and that we drive industry-leading service levels.

Behind the Counter

Offering a broad Behind the Counter portfolio of Reimbursable Over the Counter Products

Medicaid, many state programs, as well as private plans may reimburse prescriptions written for Over the Counter products based on a physician’s prescription — including pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and more. Commonly referred to as Behind the Counter (BTC) or Over the Counter Rx (ORx), this category creates value and is essential to your bottom line.

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Over the Counter

With the ever-changing dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry and the move of many products from brand to OTC, it’s necessary for pharmacies to partner with suppliers that provide the breadth and depth of product lines needed to provide your customers with the products they desire.

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Rugby® Laboratories products are available to support all classes of trade within the industry. Whether you’re looking to build out a full front of store OTC offering, a portfolio of Behind the Counter products, or supplement your pharmaceutical portfolio with OTC products, Rugby® can build a custom solution designed to support your business needs.

Retail — our 40 years of experience supporting independent pharmacies have allowed us to build out a portfolio and solutions that truly complement and support the small business owner by providing high quality products, consistent supply, and the expert support needed to drive your business.

Retail chain — with our breadth of product and ability to build custom portfolios, Rugby® is uniquely positioned to support chain pharmacies and provide meaningful bottom-line impact.

Mail order — When looking to build out your formulary, having a partner that can provide custom packaging offerings that compliment your business is critical. Rugby®’s strong relationships throughout the industry allow us not only offer the portfolio support necessary, but to explore and provide packaging options unique in the industry

Institutional — with strong relationships in the GPO space, Rugby® has worked to provide contract options for your OTC needs. As our products are available with all wholesalers, you can count on Rugby® having the products you need to stock your shelves.

Government — based on strong relationships and a deep understanding of the FSS and DOD contracting space, Rugby® works diligently to provide quality products, competitive pricing, and package sizes that support the needs specific to government entities.