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Solutions for Pharmacists — OTC

With the ever-changing dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry and the move of many products from brand to OTC, it’s necessary for pharmacies to partner with suppliers that provide the breadth and depth of product lines needed to provide your customers with the products they desire.

Rugby® is uniquely positioned to support your business in a manner that fits well with your brand.

  • Rugby® Laboratories is a well-recognized OTC brand in the market. With 40 years of history, consumers have come to recognize and trust our brand. Based on our comprehensive portfolio and planogram support, we can easily become your primary store brand. Our product lines are represented in all of the major OTC categories and give you and your patients a high-quality alternative to the national brand.
  • If you already have developed a store brand, Rugby® can help to supplement your offering. When building out a planogram, there are certain products that are necessary but may not move the required volumes to support a store brand or provide other obstacles to sourcing. Rugby®’s breadth of portfolio can be leveraged to build out a secondary store brand and fill in those holes.